You know those friends you can imagine travelling the world with? Yep, they’re keepers. Check out our 5 reasons why travelling with your BFF is the best thing ever.

1. You love all of the same things, which makes planning your itinerary super easy

For most people, trying to choose what to include and exclude in an itinerary is an almost-impossible task, but not for you two.

You and your bestie might not be twins, but they’re like the sibling you never had: you have lots in common and want to see and do a lot of the same things.


2. They make everything seem twice as exciting

It doesn’t matter whether you’re booking flights, counting down the days, or stuck in the airport waiting for a connecting flight; your bestie will make everything seem super exciting.

Plus, their good mood is so contagious that it’ll be impossible not to share their enthusiasm, making for twice the excitement.

3. They’ll get you back to the hostel in one piece after a night out

How many times have you been travelling solo and wanted to stick around for another drink but had second thoughts because you don’t wanna do the journey back to the hostel alone?

When you’re travelling with your BFF, you won’t have to pass up that night out or that gig you’ve been dying to go to because your bestie’s got your back.

That’s not to say that you should be careless. But, when you have someone you love and trust with you, you can look after each other and have fun while doing it.

4. They back you up when things turn to s***

Australia friends whitsundays travelling with your bff

Things like missing a connecting flight, losing your luggage or getting your stuff stolen can all put a real damper on your travels.

But, when you have a good friend at your side, keeping calm and finding a solution to your problem won’t seem quite so impossible.

They can help you keep your cool, think logically, and move past any dramas. What’s not to love about that?  

5. But, most of all, they make the perfect life-long travel buddies

Travel friends, both new and old, will be your life-long travel buddies.

They’ll have their bags packed and ready to go before you’ve even had a chance to look at where you want to travel next.

Wanna make some new BFFs?

Check out our trips and get ready to make friendships that’ll last a lifetime. 

April Davis
April is a writer from Melbourne who’s a self-confessed travel and junk food addict. When she isn’t out exploring her home state of Victoria, she’s planning her next overseas adventure or talking to her dog in an embarrassingly high-pitched voice.