Travel tips. There are countless blogs, podcasts and Instagram feeds full of ’em. So where do you start?

Fear not. We’ve whittled it down to an essential list of 5 top travel tips so you can make the most out of your travel adventures.

Take notes!

1. Respect the local culture and traditions

Phnom Penh travel tips temple

Respect is key to fitting in to a new country. Each has its own rules and expectations.

Appropriate dress is one that could catch you out. Going into a place of worship in your favourite cut-off shorts and singlet top probably won’t go down too well!

So, make sure you have a quick research into the local customs beforehand to avoid getting caught out.

2. Pick up some local lingo

Loire Valley travel tips

French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Indonesian… the list goes on! And so should your language skills.

Just a few simple words and phrases such as hello, thank you, excuse me, sorry, please and asking for directions will help get you by. Plus, locals will really appreciate the fact you’ve taken the time to learn the basics.

Get prepped on the essentials to help you barter in the markets, make friends at the bar and generally feel more confident on your travels.

3. Get immersed in the local food

Stockholm travel tips

Picture this: you’re in a different country, walking down a beautiful street lined with stunning architecture, pretty cafés and food trucks. Are you really gonna opt for a McDonald’s for lunch?!

Live a little! Try something new: poutine in Canada, pastries in Stockholm, currywurst in Germany, traditional pho in Thailand.

Trying the local food is all part of the experience. Be brave and go for it!

4. Visit the neighbourhoods where the locals live

berlin travel tips street art

Sure the Colosseum in Rome is amazing, the Sydney Opera House is a must-visit and Central Park in NYC is fab. But there’s oh so much more to a big city than the top tourist spots.

To really get amongst it, pay a visit to the local neighbourhoods. The coolest places are most often found beyond the major landmarks (and you’ll probably save a bit of money on things like food too).

Embrace getting lost and exploring. You never know what you might find or who you might meet. Ryan Gosling, is that you?

5. Be thoughtful and mindful 

travel trends travel diary map

Number five brings us back to our first point. It’s important to use your common sense and to be thoughtful when travelling.

It comes as standard that you should be mindful of a country’s history. This could mean absorbing your surroundings and learning about the past rather than worrying about getting the best selfie in a historically sensitive site. Or keeping a travel diary and writing about what you’ve learnt.

So, while it’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of travelling, don’t forget to check yourself!

Have you got any top travel tips to share?

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Lauryn Wilson
Originally from Sydney, Lauryn caught the travel bug after a history trip to Europe and a year living in the UK. 19 Countries later, the wanderlust just keeps on growing. Culture, food and art enthusiast, Lauryn’s always planning her next adventure.