If you’re looking for the perfect place to get your ‘gram on, India really has it all. Vibrant colours, jaw-dropping castles, picture-perfect temples… and yep, you might see elephants along the way.

From rainforests to sun-kissed beaches, India offers boatloads of amazing landscapes, and a plethora of incredible cultural and culinary experiences – AND it’s home to some of the friendliest people in the world. Expect the unexpected when you touch down in the sub-continent, ‘cause there’s a surprise around every corner

We’ve put together a list of five of our fave hotspots – guaranteed to rack up those likes and instil some serious #travelenvy. And the best part? Join us on our incredible new India tours and you can tick them alllllllll off! Happy snapping…

The famously beautiful Taj Mahal.

Yes, we all know it – and yes, we all want that picture. But finding that perfect shot (minus the 50,000 tourists that visit each day) is not easy. So, here are a few tips:

Lady Di’s Bench – it’s iconic, it’s a great view… and if it’s good enough for a princess, it’s good enough for us! Be prepared to wait a few mins to get that iconic shot though.

The Marble shot – this might be the easiest (and least busy) shot to get – and often, depending on the angle, you can bag yourself a beauty of a picture with the Taj all to yourself. If you’re looking at it face on, the best angle is to the left of the building!

Jaipur or the ‘Pink City’

This is really a photographer’s (or amateur photographer’s) dream – thanks to its beautiful water temple. The Jal Mahal, aka Water Temple, was famously used in the James Bond movie Octopussy, so it’s absolutely unmissable for any 007 fan. Check it out and ask yourself: is it floating or not?

How about an Indiana Jones-type castle for amazing selfies? Jaipur’s got it! The Hawa Mahal or ‘Amber Palace’ sits on the edge of the City Palace – and it kind of looks like someone’s lavish home. With its pinky/orange hue, this might just be one of the most beautiful buildings in India. Beautiful in the morning, and spectacular at sunset: this one is definitely not to be missed.

If you needed another reason to visit Jaipur, elephants are always in abundance in this town. They used to carry goods across the windswept mountains and deserts of Rajasthan and now they can be seen cruising around the palace and popping up in local neighbourhoods. No matter where you are in this beautiful province, you’ll never be far from an elephant (and the odd monkey or two). See if you can snap yourself an ‘elphie’ (aka elephant selfie).

Delhi Delhi Delhi…

To call this city chaotic would be the understatement of the century. But give it a chance, and it’s one of those places which really gets under your skin.

As the most populous city in the country and one of the largest on earth (with a population that hovers around the whopping 26 million mark), Delhi holds many titles – and ‘vibrant’ and ‘chaotic’ are just two.

From bustling markets to incredible forts and a historic old town, Delhi is a city of many faces. Our favourite area has to be the famous Chandni Chowk, more often known simply as the ‘Old Town’: an area filled with tuk-tuks, rickshaws, animals and a constant throng of people. When you visit, it truly feels like you’re stepping back in time – it’s the living, breathing heart of the city.

Explore on foot, on a (slightly nerve-jangling) rickshaw ride or in a private taxi and prepare to see all the logic-defying, mad delights of Delhi. Perfect for Insta? You bet. Intoxicating, vibrant and bursting with eye-opening experiences: discover Delhi and you’ll never be quite the same.

Get going to Goa

Powder-soft beaches, rainforest, hippie markets and some surprising old Portuguese flavour (Goa was actually part of Portugal for over 450 years) – this part of India really has it all! From soaking up all those laid-back beachy vibes to shopping, swimming, or simply sipping cocktails by the pool, this is the perfect spot to relax after the sensory overload of the north. Get to grips with some of the highlights of gorgeous Goa on our short, but oh-so sweet 4-day Goa trip. Your Insta feed won’t know what hit it…

Venture off the beaten path in Southern India

With a population just shy of 1.4 BILLION people, India is a place where it’s hard to get off the beaten path. But then, nothing worth having ever came easy…

Obviously big cities like Delhi, Jaipur and Bombay are teeming with people – and it sometimes feels like you’ll never get any ‘alone time’ (unless you’re in your hotel room, but don’t be that person). Luckily for those of you hoping to see India at its natural, unspoilt best, Topdeck has a trip that gets you off the beaten track and into the ‘Heart of India’.

Hidden spots where it’s just you and locals, beaches where it’s just you and the palm trees and towns where you’ll get those ‘rare’ pictures that no one else has: Insta-stardom here you come…

Whether it’s channelling your inner Gordon Ramsay while making local dishes (hopefully with less swearing) or climbing one of the tallest temples on earth (while sleeping in a traditional Haveli or converted castle/palace), the South of India is ideal for intrepid travellers with a love of the unknown – offering a chance to uncover a part of India that’s rarely seen by tourists. Cap that off with a stay on a traditional Keralan houseboat and you’ve got a trip that’s hard to beat.

Miles Walker
Miles Walker is the BDM for Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest of the USA for Topdeck Travel and Blue-Roads Touring. He has called Australia, Tonga, London, Toronto and Ethiopia home at various points throughout his life and after recently travelling to Azerbaijan and Georgia his country count is somewhere in the high 70’s.