For many, Christmas is a time filled with friends and crazy family members – and a lot of the season revolves around spending time with them (whether we like it or not). But what happens if your people live on the other side of the world? Or your friends flee the city to be with their own? Or you just wanna escape and do something different this year? What is to become of the solo-Christmasser?

Nick is a man who’s been there, done that and got the dodgy Chrissy jumper to prove it. As an ‘Aussie in London’ with all his family back Down Under and friends-with-plans, Nick decided that rather than spending his Christmas eating Co-op ready-meals and watching re-runs of Love Actually, he’d sign up for Topdeck’s 4 Day Bruges Christmas trip. So, if you’re like Nick and facing the prospect of popping a Christmas cracker with yourself (sad), here are few reasons from the man himself why a Topdeck Christmas trip might be your saviour.

Decent group sizes

A max of 48 people ready to get their gin-gle bells on = instant fun and a ready-made family. From day one everyone bonds together because they’re all there for the same reason – to have a good time. Who thought making friends with strangers would happen so quick! And if you’re going solo? Chances are high that there’s plenty of fellow one-man-shows to bond with over a mulled cider.

No ‘spensive flights

Living in London and broke AF? (I mean, who isn’t right?) Then we know you don’t have the cash to blow on expensive flights at this time of year. Lucky for you, if you join a 4 Day Bruges Christmas trip there’s no need to worry about flights! Plus, there’s plenty of winter-y trips departing from Prague, Paris and Madrid where you can snap up a bargain deal to. Meaning? More moolah to treat yourself with.

Fuzzy feeling without the fuss

Feel like you’re in a cringe-worthy Christmas rom-com as you stroll around gorgeous Christmas markets, gawk at all the twinkling lights and take photos under massive colour-coordinated trees.  Europe just knows how to do Christmas. And that warm and fuzzy feeling is 100% guaranteed (no, it’s not heartburn from too much mulled wine and cheese). The best bit? There’s no stress on your part! No lugging a tree home or reaching the edge of reason trying to untangle fairy-lights – just show up and embrace it the jolly vibes.

Keep your annual leave

Being so short and oh so sweet, the Bruges Christmas trip is perfect if you don’t fancy using up all of your holiday allowance. Even if your boss in a real Grinch (a**hole) when it comes to taking time off, this one should still be a breeze. Or if you’ve got some annual leave to use before the end of the year, there’s plenty of frosty trips to fit into one or two weeks. The options are endless…

Pubs. Need we say more?  

Fact: Belgium is where they make Belgian Beer. But you already knew that. On the Bruges Christmas trip not only will you find pint-loads of great beer, but you’ll also be spoilt for choice with cosy pubs to enjoy them in. Actually, quaint little pubs are EVERYWHERE in Europe. So, once you’re done exploring the sights in the cold, grab a mug of mulled wine or a pint of the good stuff, settle in by the glow of the fireside and ask yourself: “why did I ever do Christmas any other way?”.

Tis’ the season for turkey

It wouldn’t be Christmas without it now would it? If you’re on one of our Christmas departures, you’d better pack your stretchy pants ‘cos an included Christmas lunch is definitely on the cards. Turkey, spuds and all the trimmings – minus the washing up. Plus, it’s the perfect opportunity to show off your sh*tty festive jumper and tell awful Christmas cracker jokes with your new fam. And after lunch the good times just keep on rolling.

Compact, convenient & crowd-less

The city of Bruges is actually quite small, so everything is within easy walking distance – perfect for when those temps drop and Jack Frost starts nipping at your nose. Spending four days in one place also means no coach hopping to get somewhere new – plenty of time to unpack and settle in.  And whether you’re on a short break or a longer winter trip, the best part about travelling at Christmas time is that you can get amongst what makes the destinations unique without the peak summer crowds. If that’s not a win, we don’t know what is.

So, thought being alone this Christmas meant you were destined to be lonely? Think again! Make like the gingerbread man and hop aboard a Topdeck winter trip that sleighs.

Nick Law
Nick enjoys pickles, Tasmania, conspiracy theories and is currently studying ancient aliens online. Check him out on all dating apps (he’s surprisingly single)