Love it or loathe it, taking a #selfie is the essential way to travel across Europe when it’s just a party of one.

Read our top tips to guarantee a flawless pic to plaster all over social media, or to send to your family back home.

DO: Take hundreds of selfies.

Angles. Lighting. Filters. Snapchat. Instagram – get amongst them. Upload your five best angles in a row because who cares – you’re in Europe – and you can do what you want.

Let’s be real, there is no better glow than that fresh-faced traveller glow (you know the one).

DON’T:  Take a selfie stick.

Tread with caution, as most places consider a selfie stick to being a weapon, and you won’t be allowed to take it into most museums anyway. While they seem like the best creation that ever lived on this earth, avoid the classic selfie stick where possible.

Try taking one selfie (you know the deal – at arm’s length and at a slightly upwards angle) and then take one of the landscape – way better idea, minus the need for a selfie stick. The only exception to this rule is when using a GoPro for any type of adrenalin-fuelled sports. Go you!

DO: Make friends with locals and snap a selfie with them.

Nothing cooler than introducing your new BFF Martha from Sweden with the puppy filter from Snapchat as your new friend that you met on the road. As always, just make sure your new BFF is happy to jump in a pic before you raise your arm and throw an internal phone camera in front of them.

DON’T: Be culturally inappropriate.

Be a smart traveller, and make sure you do your research before you hit the road to see if the places you are visiting share a turbulent history. Chances are if you are in Europe – they were. The Eiffel Tower is a safe bet for a selfie but avoid places like the former concentration camps of Auschwitz, Mauthausen, The Holocaust Memorial in Berlin and other sites across Europe. If in doubt, put the phone in your pocket and take in the history or each site instead.

To avoid any further problems when you’re on the road, be sure to always check the signs around museums and art galleries as most won’t allow photos and will veto any sneaky snaps.

DO: Go all natural!

Nothing says “I’m having the time of my life” like not having enough time to do your makeup because you’re too busy eating street food and climbing mountains! If you’re feeling more on the self-conscious side of things, let the filters help you out however we can guarantee a make-up free selfie is all the rage in Europe.

Or, if you’re feeling a little shady from the night before and as if like it’s too early to be outside – add some sunnies and a filter. Too easy!

DON’T: Forget to have fun! Between the weather, scenery, atmosphere and food in Europe – you are bound to take a perfect photo every time and even if it doesn’t come out looking great – at least you’ll be feeling great.

Also, the more food you can get in your selfies – the better! About to eat a pizza? Nothing says “more than a selfie with half a slice of pepperoni pizza in your mouth. Prego!

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