So you’ve always dreamed of a Mediterranean cruise: lazing in the sun then diving from the deck of your yacht into cool blue waters?

Maybe a little snorkelling, the sand between your toes and coming ashore to feast on the yummy local food?

If you wanted a sign. This is it. The time has come for you to sail Croatia.

Come let us persuade ya with these 9 reasons why you need to go sail Croatia ASAP with Topdeck 😉

1. To experience life on the water

Morning swims, lazing on deck, cruising through beautiful islands… it’s a tough life.

2. To get your dose of all things Game of Thrones

Croatia was used as a filming location for Game of Thrones. Why not hop on a Game of Thrones walking tour in Dubrovnik? ‘Cos whether you’re a fan of the show or not, you’ll fall in love the hype. Trust us.

 3. To swim in water this blue

Yes, really 😍

4. To get some serious Vitamin D

Don’t forget your sunscreen!

5. To tuck into some epic food (and drink)

Food baby, we’re coming for ya!

6. To get alllll the sunset pics

Leave enough space in that camera roll of yours.

7. To experience island nightlife

You’ll soon see…

8. To visit before it gets too crowded

Croatia is getting more and more popular each year. Your best bet? Go ASAP before it becomes overcrowded with tourists.

9. To make some life-long friends

Incredible trip? Check. Wicked friends? Double check!

Ready to sail Croatia with Topdeck?

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Marianne Lampon
Originally from Cambridge, Marianne has officially caught the travel bug. A lover of movies and fitness, Marianne will always stop to pet dogs when she’s out exploring and will steal your food when you’re not looking.