Having to postpone your Topdeck trip-of-a-lifetime was hard. We know the feels. BUT it’s time to get pumped for 2021-22. To discover the new and exotic. To experience different cultures. To create unforgettable memories.

The world has changed since your last adventure. So how can you prepare to travel the world in 2021? We’ve got the answers.

Start planning now.

After pinning where in the world you want to explore, it’s time to get planning. Leave the excel spreadsheets, day-by-day planners, ferry timetables and booking confirmations to us.

Your job? Scroll our trips and pick the one that’s perfect for you.

Then: book it in with a SUPER affordable deposit online or over the phone. We’ll take care of the rest.

How do I find the right trip for me? Ask yourself:

  1. How much time do you have? Under a week? Two weeks? Or unlimited time to play with?
  2. Do you want to explore one country in depth? Or fill your passport with as many stamps as possible?
  3. Is your vibe sun-bleached or thick layers and woolly hats?
  4. How do you feel about bunk beds

Book with more flexibility.

Travelling in the ‘new normal’ means plans can change unexpectedly. So, you need booking policies that are more flexible than a Cirque du Soleil performer.

A recent survey showed that 40% of Topdeckers rank booking flexibility as the most important element of travel in 2021. That’s why we’ve introduced some new extra-flexible booking policies – helping to give you piece of mind when planning that next BIG adventure. Want to see how flexible we’ve become? Click here.

Choose safe travel.

Our recent survey results showed that over a third of Topdeckers ranked high standards of cleanliness in their ‘top five most important factors’ when booking their next trip. Luckily, we’ve been hard at work to ensure you feel as safe as possible when travelling with Topdeck.

What does safe travel look like in COVID-times? No one has all the answers – but when you take that once-in-a-lifetime trip with us in 2021-22, you can be 100% confident your health and wellbeing remain our #1 priority.

In fact, we’ve been awarded for it. That’s right, Topdeck just got stamped with the World Travel and Tourism Council’s Safe Travels approval. Meaning? We’ve got globally recognised hygiene standards in place, ready for when we hit the road again.

Find your escape.

This year has been a lot to handle. We’re with you. So, it’s hardly surprising that nearly a third of Topdeckers are dreaming of travel to help them escape and switch off from the stress of 2020.

We’re devoted to making your travel dreams a reality – to give you a chance to leave it all behind. And have Trip Leaders at the helm who don’t just lead, who inspire. Who make your world come alive and were born to do it.

Plus, after years in the group travel biz we know what you want – and we aren’t scared of over-delivering. Trust us.

A Topdeck trip is your chance to be the best version of yourself. To be an insider, not a bystander. To share incredible moments with people who are 100% different, but 100% the same. To strip it all back and find the real you. 

Let’s embrace 2021 together.

Press play.

You’ve searched Google, scrolled Insta feeds and soaked up all the #travelinspo you need. Now what?

Take your chance. Find that trip-of-a-lifetime. And relax knowing we’ve got your back. Search for your ultimate 2021-22 trip here

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