‘Prague never lets you go’, famous Czech author Franz Kafka once said. And it’s true. With a skeleton of ancient gothic architecture, and a body of progressive, new age thinking, Prague, in the Czech Republic, is an extraordinary place. Read on for our Prague Travel Guide for 6 things you must do when visiting.

1. Take a stroll along Charles Bridge

This historical stone bridge spanning over the Vltava River was built in the 14th century to connect the ‘new’ town of Prague to the old.

Crossing it during the day, you’ll find street vendors and caricature artists. But by night, the eerie gargoyles come alive, creating a Hogwarts-y feel. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you can shed your muggle guise here.

Prague Travel Guide Charles Bridge Topdeck

2. Snap an artsy photo by the John Lennon Wall

The Lennon Wall of Prague was created in memory of the famous Beatles member who is still seen as an important pacifist figure for many Czechs.

Western pop music was once banned by the communists, and those caught playing it could even land up in jail. So commemorating John Lennon is a kinda ‘stick it to the man’ thing.

After layers and layers of Beatles-inspired graffiti, and many coats of whitewash from the police, the Lennon Wall has finally been embraced as an iconic political landmark. (And now Insta-worthy location.)

Prague Travel Guide John Lennon Wall Topdeck

3. Go Christmas market hopping

If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in Prague over Christmas, you’re in for a treat. Expect Christmas markets around every corner, where the fairy lights polkadot the winter sky.

The rich, spicy smell of Glühwein (mulled wine) hangs in the air, mixed with nodes of nutmeg and chocolate from all the fresh pastries. Be sure to try the churros (or trdelník) – traditionally rolled in the shape of a cone, deep-fried, and then loaded with Nutella and ice cream. Um, yum! So we’ll see ya in the Czech Republic at Christmas then?

4. Hike up to Prague Castle

If you manage to reach the top (it’s quite the hike), you’ll get a panoramic view of the whole city where dusty, red roofs and spiky cathedrals reach up into the sky. It’s magic. And well-worth the trek.

Prague Travel Guide Castle Topdeck

5. Visit the Dancing House

This modern office block was built in the ’90s and is meant to resemble two lovers dancing. Part of the Deconstructivist movement, its shape contrasts the traditional architecture and gives a sense of intrigue.

Take the elevator up to the rooftop bar where you can enjoy some hot chocolate or a fancy cocktail and indulge in another view of the town.

Prague Travel Guide Topdeck

6. Hang around Old Town Square

Musicians and museums aplenty, it’s every creative’s dream.

For example, the Salvador Dalí exhibition is a must-visit. There are also bookshops, restaurants, ice cream parlours and the famous astronomical clock.

It’s almost like stepping back in time, with only the Starbucks to remind you that you’re still in this century.

Prague Travel Guide Church of Our Lady before Týn Topdeck

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