If there’s one thing New York does amazingly well, it’s gotta be food. It’s the city that never sleeps and it’s got cuisine from around the globe that just oozes creativity.

Check out our list of the most OMG food you can get in New York and get packing for America ASAP.

Ready, set, eat!

1. Rainbow Bagel, The Bagel Store

Is is it food or is it art? Probably a little bit of both to be honest.

The rainbow bagel is the food creation of Brooklyn local Scott Rossillo. He’s been creating colourful treats for years, and the rainbow bagel is just one of our faves.

You can also try the unicorn bagel, the bacon egg and cheddar bagel and the cragel (half bagel and half flaky croissant).

Sign us up.

2. Crazy Shakes, Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer

Sugar lovers rejoice!

Yep, this place is named after burgers, but they’re really famous for their milkshakes. I mean, just look at them. Like, how? Wow!!

They’re always serving up new combinations of sprinkles, ice cream, cake, chocolate, icing, gummies, lollipops, cookies, brownies… you get the picture.

Go forth and go often. (Don’t forget the burgers either, they’re pretty good too).

3. The Cronut™, Dominique Ansel Bakery

Speaking of hybrids, who hasn’t heard of the Cronut™ yet?

Just in case you haven’t, this dessert deliciousness is half buttery croissant, half gooey doughnut. YES! Does life get any better?

We think Ansel deserves a statue somewhere in New York for blessing the city with his amazing creation. Just saying.

4. Cereal Milk Soft Serve Ice Cream, Milk Bar

You know that sugar-flavoured milk you get after you’re done eating your bowl of cereal?

Well, Christina Tosi, the genius behind Milk Bar, has turned that into an amazing desert in the shape of a soft serve ice cream.

And that’s not the only thing to write home about at Milk Bar. The cookies, the truffles etc. etc. Oh my!

5. Edible Cookie Dough, 

Are you one of those people who can’t resist eating cookie dough right off the spoon?

If you answered yes, you’re probably gonna want to head over to DŌ in the East Village. ASAP.

Here, you can get gourmet cookie dough that’s safe to eat right out of the tub (or cone!)

They serve it up with sprinkles, ice cream, cakes and cookies 😍

6. Hot Dogs, Crif Dogs

There are a lot of hot dog joints in New York and every New Yorker will have their favourite.

But, we love Crif Dogs. They’ve got a great vibe going on with art on the walls and video games for tables.

The hotdogs have creative toppings with fun names that make us giggle. Our faves? Chihuahua and Tsunami.

While you’re here, pay a visit to the awesome speakeasy next door that serve up specialty cocktails and yummy hotdogs.

7. The Shack Burger & Milkshake, Shake Shack

No New York food list would be complete without the ultimate burger joint that is Shake Shack.

There are multiple locations throughout the city but the OG is in Madison Square Park. And it’s an actual shack!

Grab your Shack Burger with the milkshake flavour of the week and sit in the park for all the people watching and dog watching you can handle.

They even have veggie and chicken versions if you’re not keen on beef burgers.

8. Lamb or Chicken Over Rice, Halal Guys

In New York, there seems to be a food cart on every corner.

Arguably the best has to be the Halal Guys. From rags to riches, these guys started as a lonely hot dog cart and saw the high demand for a halal food meal.

So, they swapped out their hot dogs for gyros and now have carts all over the city.

Their original cart can still be found on 53rd Street and 6th Avenue. You can’t miss it. Why? ‘Cos it’s the food cart with the hour long line. So worth it ✨

9. Artichoke Slice, Artichoke Pizza

If spinach and artichoke dip had a baby with pizza this would be the result. And, it’s amazing.

In New York, pizza is life. So, if you’re going to indulge, it’s gotta be good and Artichoke’s is more than good.

This artichoke slice is topped with artichoke hearts, spinach and a layer of baked parmesan and mozzarella. Yep, we’re drooling too.

But, don’t be fooled. One slice is actually huge. They serve it on two paper plates and it can definitely feed two. But we won’t judge if you finish it off yourself 😉

10. Salty Pimp at Big Gay Ice Cream Shop

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Big Gay Ice Cream!

If the usual chocolate or vanilla cone is your favourite, then this place might not be for you.

Here, each cone has crazy toppings and wacky names like Bea Arthur, American Globs, and Mermaid.

Our favourite is the Salty Pimp: a vanilla cone injected with dulce de leche, sprinkled with sea salt and dipped in a hard chocolate shell. Go go go!

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