The Hanoi haste is over as paddles are aimed at the waters of Halong Bay, where you can get tanned and toned all at once by kayaking, apparently. The adventurous pace slows right down – float around on a boat and appreciate the smaller things in life such as amazing views, limestone mountains jutting out of the water and good seafood. Plus getting taken for a ride on a big jet seaplane – epic.

Get cruisy in Halong Bay in the third episode of the web series featuring travel blogger Laura McWhinnie and spin master Rachel Phillips (DJ Minx). Watch the girls take on South East Asia and Indochina with as many insects, Indiana Jones references and bikinis as they can handle.

This is Topdeck’s first ever travelling web series, plonking you in the middle of coastal Thai resorts to bustling Hanoi sidewalks to peaceful Cambodian mega temples in our brand spanking new Asia product.

Jump in with us and immerse yourself in our take on Asia.

This is your all access pass.

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Alessia Castiglione
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