September 9th is National Wiener Schnitzel Day, so we’re here to bring some great wiener facts into your life.  

Thought chicken schnitz was the OG of schnitzels? Think again. 

Austria’s tradish wiener schnitzel started the game for us, so before we get started let’s take a moment to say cheers to Austrians for bringin schnitties into our lives. Prost! 🍻 

1. Wiener schnitzel is the NATIONAL dish of Austria

They gotta be pretty serious about their schnitz, aye? A close contender for their national dish is the Vienna Sausage. They just love munching wieners and sausages over there. Roast lamb is the national dish in Aus btw (I vote chicken parmi but Google says yeah nah). 

2. Wiener schnitzel gotta be made with veal 🙄 

Traditionally, this dish is made from veal and breaded using breadcrumbs ft. lemon juice. BUT a popular version is made with pork instead (veal is too much dolla for a lot of us 💰). Austrian and German food committees actually had to sit down together to agree that a “Wiener Schnitzel” MUST be made of veal. They copyrighted that wiener. Some mad debates musta gone on there we reckon… 

3. International wiener schnitzels 

Sooo what are other countries thinkin about this veal/pork drama? The US went with pork tenderloin, the Finnish also went with pork and call it <insert Finnish accent> Wieninleike. In Latin America, the dish is known as Milanesa. Us Aussies thought we’d f*ck with this tradition and didn’t even go for pork… Nah we went for chicken or beef. 

4. The best way to make a Wiener Schnitzel tender is by pounding it  

So how do ya make a wiener schnitzel taste so great? Pounding the schnitz out of it basically. This has been done throughout history to make it thinner, easier to eat and to get the best taste. The harder you pound the better result you get… 

If you fancy a proper traditional wiener schnitzel in the heart of where it originated, there’s still some spots on our guaranteed Get Social: Central & Eastern Europe (Winter) departures. We hit up both Austria and Germany so you can choose for yourself which country does it best. Catch ya there for a mouthful of wiener schnitzels.