Here are our 5 things to do this Christmas in Amsterdam.

Ever wondered what else there is to do in Amsterdam other than the usual tourist attractions during Christmas? Here are some ideas to help you plan your trip and fill your days with festive fun. Let’s do this.

1. Check out the Amsterdam Light Festival

30 November 2017 – 21 January 2018

The Light Festival only happens once a year – so don’t miss out this year! When day turns into night, jump on an open top boat and explore the canal, see the buildings light up and see the decorative light art hang above you.

Amsterdam light show

The cruise comes equipped with its own guide too, telling tales of the water while you’re snuggled up with some hot chocolate. Ah, it’s a tough life!

2. Explore the epic Christmas markets

18 November 2017 – 4 February 2018

There are so many markets to choose from. As Amsterdam is a relatively small city, you can walk down the streets and accidentally-on-purpose bump into another one. And another.

Christmas in Amsterdam

For a dose of fun, visit Ice* Village Amsterdam, which transforms the area into a large ice rink with loads of stalls. Why not take a twirl on the ice and grab a Kroket (deep fried pastry filled with cheese) as a reward for not falling over. For the budding ice skaters, get the best shot of your ankle hold with the ‘iamsterdam’ sign in the background.

3. Feast your heart out on Appelbeignets

Christmas in Amsterdam applebeignets

Now we can’t leave food out of this list. Appelbeignets are a Dutch delicacy that must be tasted at least once, twice, three times… well no one’s counting anyway so go crazy.

Filled with all the sugary goodness you could ask for, the pastry smell will lure you in while you walk through the streets. You better be ready. These treats are so easy to find over the Christmas season, you won’t need to hunt down a café as pretty much all of the Christmas markets will be selling them. Yaaas.

4. Get cultured at the Rijksmuseum

Christmas in Amsterdam

We all love a good museum now and then. And Rijksmuseum, the Dutch national museum, is no exception. A visit will give you a glimpse of masterpieces dating back to the year 1200. It’s also a national heritage site which is pretty cool.

Christmas in Amsterdam

But why is this museum on our Christmas in Amsterdam list we hear you cry? Well, it’s open all year round, even on Christmas Day! During this time of the year it’s pretty quiet, so expect shorter queues. #winning

5. Rent a bike and cycle the city

The best way to get around Amsterdam is definitely by bike. Weaving through the small streets that you can’t reach by car, you’ll be feeling like a local in no time.

Christmas in Amsterdam

Renting one of these bad boys will help you get around the city quickly and efficiently, beating all the traffic. Hop on a guided tour or make your own adventure. Just don’t forget your gloves!

Has our list of things to do this Christmas in Amsterdam got you keen for a trip? Come and check out Amsterdam with Topdeck.

Lyli Dante
Lyli Dante is a marketing student who works in travel. In her spare time, she is researching everything there is to know about food, culture, what to do and what NOT to do. When she isn’t frantically researching her next holiday, she’s getting up to date on the latest fashion and beauty trends.