Thinking about setting sail in Europe? Our Blue Lagoons Turkey sailing trip might well be what you’re looking for. Come and have a read.

Are you sitting down? Great. At work? Even better. Look out the window and imagine waking up on a boat, in the Mediterranean. You leave your cabin and make your way to the top deck where breakfast is waiting for you.

Sounds pretty perfect right? This is a typical morning aboard our Blue Lagoons Turkey sailing trip 😎

turkey sailing topdeck

And, if you aren’t quite sold, or you’re already booked on to the trip, here’s what you can expect on Topdeck’s Blue Lagoons sailing slice of the good life.

1. What do I need to know about the boat?

Turkey sailing topdeck

You’ll spend much of your days and nights aboard a motorised gullet, a traditional wooden cruising vessel. This boat has twin or double en-suite cabins for you to sleep in below deck.

There’s even Wi-Fi on board so you can always stay connected to the outside world. But let’s be honest, you won’t be bothered about that when you’re lounging like a celeb on the boat in the sun.

turkey sailing topdeck

While the sun is great, we’re not all cut out for endless hours of the stuff. Have no fear because there’s plenty of shade for those looking to escape the rays.

Plus, if you wanna cool down, the stunning waters of the Mediterranean are just a leap away. Snorkelling gear is provided on the boat too. Ready to make a splash?

2. What’s the deal with food and drink?

turkey sailing topdeck

While on board your Turkey sailing adventure, you’ll enjoy local cuisine prepared by your captain. Meals are served for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And, boy is there loads of food to go around.

Fit for a king (or queen), these meals are all freshly prepared and are traditionally Turkish. Definitely a highlight of the trip for you foodies out there.

There’s also a fully stocked bar, so there’s no need to bring your own drinks. Just make sure you settle your tab before you leave!

3. How often do we stop?

turkey sailing topdeck

Throughout your trip, you’ll make numerous stops both on land and at sea.

While the itinerary is subject to change, usually, on your first day, you’ll sail to Tarzan Bay, famous for the Tarzan swings. Eek! And on day 2 there’s cliff jumping and a hike up St Nicholas Island to a perfect viewpoint for a stunning sunset. Who needs filters anyway?

On your third day, there’s multiple swim stops, markets and a group night out on the island of Kas. Dance moves at the ready!

turkey sailing topdeck

Day 4 is perfect for topping up your tan and reading a good book, while day 5 could see you sailing over the sunken city of Kekova and having a Pirate Party at Smugglers Bay.

On day 6, you’ll pass a sunken war ship before docking in Firnaz Bay for a bonfire and Turkish history lesson. Then, on day 7 you’ll depart for Fethiye for a group night out on the town with a pit stop at Gemiler Beach along the way.

Then, on your final day, say your goodbyes to your Topdeck family before exploring Fethiye at your leisure. Turkey’s got it all!

4. Are there any optional activities?

turkey sailing topdeck

There are some pretty awesome activities on offer (but do bear in mind that optional activities are always subject to change and subject to availability per departure).

How about scuba diving for beginners? Yoga on deck? Or even paragliding? Yep, they’re all here.

5. What should I pack?

turkey sailing topdeck

Swimmers: Duh! Ladies, it could be worth investing in a one-piece swimsuit to avoid any potential ‘I’ve lost my bikini top!’ disasters as there’ll be lots of jumping off the boat.

A good playlist: You’ll want something chill for all that sunbathing and relaxing on your Turkey sailing trip. We’re thinking Kygo and Bonobo are pretty good options.

Sunscreen: And lots of it!

Microfibre travel towel or sarong: You’ll be drying off multiple times a day, so it’s useful to pack a towel that’s gonna dry quickly and doesn’t take up too much space in your luggage. You can buy Turkish towels from local Turkish markets too if you’ve ran out of space.

A deck of cards: You’ll be the most-loved of the group if you provide this gem. Nights spent docked in the water just became even more fun.

Camera/phone: This one’s a given. The views are stunning.

Pirate outfit: Get ready 😉

Gear up for a journey like no other and come and check out what the Blue Lagoons Turkey sailing trip is all about.

Jack Griffiths
Jack works as part of the international marketing team at Topdeck. Living in London, he still calls Australia home. When he isn’t watching the rugby, you’ll find him eating somewhere in Europe.