Tokyo, Japan, is a city sitting somewhere between ancient tradition and ultra-modern technology. It’s a must-see destination, with a TripAdvidsor page you’d spend hours scrolling through. So, instead, here is a drama-free list of 5 of the best places to visit in Tokyo.

Let’s go 😎

1. Akihabara District

Akihabara best places to visit in tokyo

It was hard to choose just one stand out area of this district, so we decided that the whole place is a must-see 😉

Famous as the electronics and anime mecca of Tokyo, exploring Akihabara will be that moment when you realise ‘F*** I’m in Japan!’ From owls to cats, Gundam Wing to maids, the café scene and shopping here is next level.

Wear comfy shoes, ‘cos you’ll be here when day turns to night. 

2. Samurai Museum

Tucked away in the Shinjuku area is the Samurai Museum. 2,000 Yen ($20 AUD) gets you a time-traveller’s pass back to feudal Japan.

A local guide will teach you about life as a samurai warrior. There’s also sword fighting demonstrations and the chance to try on the armour.

It’s a cultural must-see.

3. VR Zones

best places to visit in tokyo japan

The future is now! Virtual reality games are everywhere in Tokyo with dedicated VR zones all over the place.

They boast the classic games like Mario Kart, Gundam Wing, Dragon Ball Z and loads more. Perfect for gamers and noobs alike.

So, strap on those VR goggles and ‘kame…hame…ha!’

4. Golden Gai District

best places to visit in tokyo bar japan

An unmissable Tokyo experience. With six alleys of about 200 tiny bars, Golden Gai is the best way to rub shoulders (sometimes literally) with the locals over a drink.

Don’t be put off by the smaller size of the bars, it’s all part of what makes Golden Gai one of the friendliest places in Tokyo.

So, grab a seat and ask the bartender if they know how to play Takenoko Takenoko Nyoki Ki. You’ll pick it up soon enough 😉

5. All of the foodie haunts

best places to visit in tokyo japan sushi

The amount of food here is incredible.

If you love seafood you’ll be in heaven. If you don’t love seafood, you’ll still be in heaven.

Our fave spots? Try the crepes on Takeshita Street in Shibuya and Taiyaki dessert stands in Ikebukuro. There’s also all you can eat gyoza for 900 Yen ($10 AUD) and the OG of Katsu curry in Shinagawa.

Pre-warning: food will never be the same again.

Ready to travel to Japan after reading our best places to visit in Tokyo?

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Rebekka Taylor
Bek is a former hairstylist who now works in Marketing for Topdeck. One of those people you hear before you see, she’s always down for a laugh. A self-proclaimed trivia master and drinking game enthusiast, you’re likely to find her mixing with the locals at their favourite hangouts.