Admit it. You’ve got that love-hate relationship with Snapchat when you see your friends living the dream in some far-flung, exotic location. But when it’s your turn to hit the road, you take to the app to happily boast about your trip. Guilty as charged! Come read our 10 ways you know you’re addicted to Snapchat when you’re travelling.

1. You let everyone know about that ‘cheeky beer’ you’re having in the airport before takeoff.

And don’t forget the ‘When in Rome’ caption that goes with it.

2. You feel obliged to send the classic out-of-the-plane-window shot.

And you’ll always make sure you find a way to upload it even though there’s no Wi-Fi on the plane.

3. You use the temperature filter far too much.

It’s 30 degrees where you are and freezing AF back home. Thanks for reminding us.

4. You check for location filters everywhere.

How many times can you tell everyone you’re in New York City? NEVER ENOUGH.

5. You feel the need to document literally every second of every day.

Because, snap or it didn’t happen, right? You’ll have enough footage to make a feature length movie by the time your holiday’s up.

6. You send videos of every single night out you go on.

Yeah, we know it was probably a great time, but flashing lights and inaudible music isn’t quite as good on screen. We appreciate the effort though!

7. You ask the question that’ll never die: hot dogs or legs?

Who can really tell the difference anyway?

8. You check to see if that person you have a crush on has watched your story. Like, every ten minutes.

Don’t lie, we’ve all been there!

9. You make your way through ALL of the filters.

Doggo? Check. Flower crown? Yup. Dancing hot dog? Of course!

10. You send the classic ‘don’t wanna come home’ snap on your last day.

I mean, it’s never too early to book another trip, right?

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Marianne Lampon
Originally from Cambridge, Marianne has officially caught the travel bug. A lover of movies and fitness, Marianne will always stop to pet dogs when she’s out exploring and will steal your food when you’re not looking.