As a Trip Leader with Topdeck, I love museums, and will take any opportunity to visit each and every one.

Depending on the season, museums can act as both an essential rain shelter, or provide a much needed break from the (sometimes) blistering sun across Europe, while providing endless entertainment.

Most people have heard of places like the Louvre, the Uffizi, and the British Museum but there are so many other great museums that often get overlooked in Europe.

Check out six of my favourite museums that you need to make time for.

1. Musee D’Orsay, Paris

This not-to-be-missed museum is often overshadowed by the Louvre (especially if you only have a limited time in Paris) however I would argue that The Musee D’Orsay its just as good – maybe even better then the Louvre.  

Topdeck Travel_Europe_France_Musee Dorsay

The extensive collection is kept inside an old train station and offers a taste of incredible architecture that matches the beauty and art inside.

Bonus tip: if you buy a joint ticket at the shorter line for the Orangerie (where you can see Monte’s Waterlilies), you can often skip the line at Musee D’Orsay. It’s a win-win!

Topdeck Travel_Europe_France_Paris_Musee D'Orsay

2. The Uprising Museum, Warsaw

By far, one of the best war museums I’ve ever been to. From the second you walk inside, the atmosphere is created and enhanced with eerie music or the sound of the occasional bomb dropping.

Topdeck travel_Europe_Poland_Warsaw_Uprising

Every area is both interactive, engaging and most importantly – informative.

The museum tells the story of the post-communist uprising and even has the world’s first 3D recreation of the levelling of a city.

Topdeck travel_Europe_Poland_Warsaw_Uprising

3. The House of Terror, Budapest

This museum is not for the faint hearted. While many other war museums present a more friendly version of history, the House of Terror definitely earns its name.

Topdeck Travel_Europe_Hungary_Budapest_House of terror

Set apart by the fact that the museum itself is located in the old headquarters of the secret police site, you can see the actual cells of the victims during the communist regime.

From the harrowing videos of concentration camps to the photos of the victims on the outside of the building, the visit can be quite confronting.

4. The Natural History Museum, Vienna

I’m a science nerd, and the first to admit it. But even for those not into science, the Natural History Museum in Vienna is a MUST.

If you like the Natural History Museum in London, you’ll really love this one in Vienna.

Topdeck Travel_Europe_Austria_Vienna_Natural History Museum

Offering a massive collection of artefacts from history and even a planetarium – you won’t be bored or short of things to see.

My personal favourite was the astronomy section with some of the most amazing photos from space I’ve ever seen.

Museums in Europe Topdeck Travel_Europe_Austria_Vienna_Natural History

5. Magic Cave, Prague

Part art gallery, part museum, this little place is like a fairy cavern in the middle of the Kinsky Gardens where you can browse and buy art.

The museum itself is decorated like like a mythical lair and to sweeten the deal, you can sample free wine or sangria to make your visit even more enjoyable.

6. Vasa Museum, Stockholm

In the 17th century, the King of Sweden decided to build a warship and fill it with cannons and ammunition, so much so that it sank less than 1,500m into its maiden voyage.

There it remained until 1961 when it was salvaged, remarkably intact.

Museums in Europe Topdeck Travel_Europe_Sweden_Stockholm_Vasa

Today, you can see it in all its well-worn glory surrounded by many interesting displays on the history of the ship.

Topdeck Travel_Europe_Sweden_Stockholm museums in Europe

Tell us, where are your FAVE museums in Europe? Comment below.

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Tamsin Khor
Tamsin is a Trip Leader for Topdeck in Europe and a passionate photographer and videographer. She loves exploring anything off the beaten track, including from hidden hiking trails to abandoned amusement parks. Best described as ‘a little bit like a Wes Anderson character,’ she is always in search of the whimsy, romance and craziness in life.