So, you’ve got two weeks off work and a dream. A dream to travel to Ecuador. But you don’t just want the cookie-cutter version from your Instagram feed – you’re chasing that real experience. A chance to immerse yourself in the cultural splendour of Quito, the lush, rugged landscapes of the Amazon and the otherworldly Galápagos Islands.  

You want to explore more, but without the $$$ price tag. Meet a group of curious, open-minded people who are 100% different but 100% the same. And have the freedom to truly discover, delve deeper and embrace the everyday – minus the worry of going it alone or the hassle of number-crunching your every move.  

We get it. That’s why we’ve created a brand-spanking-new trip to Ecuador and Galápagos for 2020. Ready to make that dream a reality? This is how.  

A different kind of group tour.  

Do the words ‘group’ and ‘tour’ conjure up cringeworthy middle-school memories of school trips? Does an organised trip abroad leave you imagining a regimented itinerary that ticks off only the ‘must-see’ sights? Does the idea of following a flag pole through crowds of people make your skin crawl?  

Yep, us too. That’s why we took all that and promptly threw it in the garbage bin (then set it alight. Too far?).  

Trips with Topdeck aren’t your usual group tour experience. Yeah, we might go to the same destinations but we do what others don’t – bring places to life. And our Ecuador & Galápagos trip is no exception.  

Forget seeing La Compañia through the dusty bus window. Or not having enough time to explore Cotopaxi National Park. Or being forced to wolf down your bowl of encebollado before you’re whisked away to the next stop. With us, you’ve got your itinerary covered AND heaps of free time to delve deeper into each and every destination.  

Need some local tips? We’ve got your back. And those off-the-beaten-track spots you didn’t even know existed? There’s a few of those too. The long and the short of it is – we know every.single.second.counts. So why wouldn’t you have time to spend it the way you want?  

Never-gonna-forget experiences  

A destination is the same for everyone, but it’s the life-changing experiences you have in that destination that makes it truly unique. So, we’ve jam-packed our 14-day itinerary with unbelievable activities that are going to have you pinching yourself again and again.  

Think: an overnight stay with a local Yunguilla community high in the lush Cloud Forest. Or exploring the Amazon jungle with a local guide before bunking down in a rustic treehouse lodge on the banks of the Napo river. Or playing ‘I-Spy’ with the wildlife of the Galápagos Islands on an full day boat excursion.  

Oh, and the best part? It’s all included. Meaning, you don’t have to worry about buying return flights to Galápagos, getting public transport or forking out wads of your hard-earned for a looks-good-on-TripAdvisor-but-was-a-rip-off kind of tour.  

We’re the experts 

Who better to help you immerse yourself in the electric culture of South America than a local? With us, you get your very own, passionate AF expert to yourself for two whole weeks.  

They’ll show you all the cool hidden gems of Baños. Take you through the fascinating lava tunnels of Galápagos. Tell you all the must-do things for your free time in Papallacta. Teach you a bit of the local lingo. And give you all the random trivia and fun facts you actually want to know. We know… not all superhumans wear capes. 

And because we’re the experts, you know you’re in the right hands. Whether you’re in a couple, pair or flying solo, we get that travelling to a new and unknown place can be a little daunting. Especially with all that Fake News about Latin America being unsafe. But it’s time to let those niggling anxieties slide away. From sorting conveniently located accommodation every night to having a coach driver take you safely from A to B  – we’ve got your back.  

Your on-road familia  

Right, you’ve got your passport. Booked your time off work. Bought your flights. And now all your missing is someone to share this I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E trip with. Only problem is, your BFF doesn’t have the time or the money to come with. Typical. But this is your dream and you sure as hell shouldn’t let the idea of ridin’ solo stop you!  

So, we’ll let you in on a little secret – the best part about travelling on a group tour is (drum roll please), you get to explore with a bunch of like-minded people who want exactly the same thing as you – to discover the real Ecuador.  

Yeah, they might be different to your home friends. Or be from completely opposite ends of the globe. But that’s what makes our Topdeck familia so special. Curious. Open-minded. Fun. Never eat dinner alone (unless you want to). Don’t stress about making friends at the hostel bar each night. Forget dull, silent bus rides when there’s no signal and you forgot to pack a book. You’ve got a pre-made group of adventurers who are 100% different but 100% the same.  

Whether you managed to drag the other half along or are taking the plunge solo – get ready to grow, to connect, to find your place and your people. Cos’ just like High School Musical taught us, we’re all in it together. 

Erin Bunn
Originally from country Western Australia, Erin has a serious travel addiction. A lover of fitness, the great outdoors and brunch, Erin’s favourite question is “where to next?”