We’re all about the #feels you get from uncovering breath-taking views across Europe. Seriously, nothing beats that ‘love at first Snapchat’ moment.

Expanding your horizons (literally) has never been so much fun. From sky-high observation decks to sipping on cocktails at a rooftop bar and onwards to unreal mountain peaks, we’ve got the A-Z of views covered. Grab your phone – here we GO!

1. Santorini, Greece.

Santorini, Greece

No words! Well, maybe a few words. How about ‘WOW’ or ‘AMAZING’? Whatever slips your tongue, one thing for sure is that Santorini has it ALL! Apart from endless sunsets and views to drool over, there’s the small matter of gyros, killer nightlife and local hospitality. Greece life is the best life.

This visual-feast-of-a-pic was captured by #topdecker Georgie Wilson (@georgielwilson).

2. London, England. 

London Eye

L-O-N-D-O-N CALLING! Yup, the streets of L-Town are amazing from the ground, but how about that view?! Here, you have 30 minutes to soak up the high vibes on the London Eye. Flex our eye-sockets up to 25 miles in each direction across the buzzing capital. Later, step off the London Eye and grab a pint, because #London.

3. Swiss Alps, Switzerland.


If you thought those must-be-Insta’d views of the Swiss Alps in Switzerland were limited to the eyes of mountain climbers and adventure-seekers, nah-ah think again.

Here’s an idea: Look left, look right out of the coach window and watch amazing roll past en route to your destination. Now we’re talking! How could you get bored of this? Arm yourself with tubes of Pringles x100 and bags of M&M’s – it’s like your very own scenic movie. Enjoy!
Shout out to #topdecker Shannon Ruth for sharing this pic with us.

4. Paris, France

Eiffel Tower

More oh la la views up in here. Fall in love with Paris and watch the city sparkle from the top of the one and only tower.

5. Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Edinburgh, Scotland

Central to the city of Edinburgh, and amazing. Simple. Treat yo’ self with a visit to Edinburgh. Catch the Hogmanay festival during winter for an experience that is truly something else.

6. Swiss Alps, Switzerland


High five those heights with a Jungfrau adventure. Jump on board the Jungfraubahn railway and visit to the summit. FYI: fairytale villages en route and unreal scenes will make your eyes pop. Post summit adventure, hot chocolate and fondue are calling (you know what to do).

7. Dubrovnik, Croatia. 


First of all, the Old Town in Dubrovnik is amazing enough but really, cable car is the way to go. FYI: there’s wifi inside the cars – so no excuse not to Snapchat and Insta until your phone battery dies. Just sayin’.

Photo shared by #topdecker Ange via Facebook.

8. Nice, France  

Nice, France

You know what they say about Nice, right? It’s damn nice! A short (but satisfying walk) up Carlton Hill will reward you with THIS!

9. Florence, Italy. 


Strut through Florence, Italy then make your way up to Piazzale Michelangelo. Espresso shots and pizza stops essential.

Where else can you reach new heights in Europe? Share with us! But first, go here for amazing Europe trips.

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