If you had to organise a road trip in North America, which places would you choose to visit?

New York, Disney World, Miami Beach? Yes, yes and yes again.

But what about adding a stopover to Yellowstone National Park? National Parks might actually be as fun as strutting Rodeo Drive with your squad. Plus they’ll give your bank account a break and help get your cardio done.

Here are eight reasons why you should visit a national park in Nth America:

1. They are an actual geological masterpiece.

North America is known for the diversity and grandiosity of its natural features. Honestly, it’s as if every force under and over ground has been working for several millions of years to make them rad. Take the Grand Canyon as an example. It’s the result of rivers carving through the ground for millions of years – through dust, rocks and living things. Each stripe is a snapshot of what the region was like at that moment in time. Mind = blown.

2. You can get up, close and personal with the wildlife


‘Murican NP’s are populated by tons of furry and non-furry things. Yosemite has more than 400 different species, from fish, to squirrel to bears and moose. Now, who could resist a place where you can make all the animal friends you could want? IKR, neither could I.

3. The pics you’ll take are next level 

Glacier Point Yosemite N P

ATTN: budding photographers, you knew this one was coming. Let’s take some time to appreciate one of the many beautiful shots you can take in a national park. And if you need help – fear not! Banff and Yellowstone parks have photography workshops you can book from independent photographers. Yosemite NP has its own internal lessons with the Ansel Adams Art Gallery.

4. They’re practically your favourite childhood movies’ official sets.

Kenai Koda in Waterton Lakes N P

Thanks to Disney, it’s been deeply infused in our minds that open-air, deep forests and waterfalls are the perfect recipe for life lessons and awesome times. So national parks are an awesome opportunity to let yourself loose and relive your favourite movie scenes while no one is watching. Whether it’s singing on the edge of a cliff aka Pocahontas or belting out ballads through flower meadows aka Belle from Beauty and the Beast.


5. They have mesmerizing secret places.

You know that feeling when you’re taking a walk and suddenly you stumble across a randomly-crafted-by-nature- but-oh-so-pretty scene? Check this out:

Nature 🙌🏼 #yosemite #hiking #travel #topdecker #nature

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6. The human history is intense

Zion N P

People have been living in Zion NP for more than 10,000 years. (Some have left lasting marks on rocks and caves). Isn’t it amazing to think that on that exact same rock that you’re chowing down a mayo club sandwich, some girl might have been carving a killer necklace out of fowl bone ages ago?! Such connection.

7. The diversity of the landscapes…

Yosemite N P

… make for a wide range of activities. In Glacier National Park you can start your day hiking to find a good fishing spot, climb a mountain, ski down the other side and be back in your tent by the forest at 8PM before having a local smoked salmon at the Russell’s Fireside Dining Room. See, something for everyone.

8. You could enter a volunteering program and stay forever

She is staying forever

Fancy becoming a nature expert? Many Canadian and US national parks have a dedicated program for people wanting to help while learning about the wild. There are plenty of different fields, and hey, this sounds like a great deal for cheaper holidays and dream-like days-off.


We have plenty of trips that go through North America national parks, take a look and find which one suits you best

Until next time #Topdecker’s.


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