You know the old chestnut of worrying about which accommodation to pick for your overseas trip: budget or luxury? Social or independent? View of the sea or view of the city?

Ever considered a hostel? The myth that they are dirty, cheap, offer few amenities and are crammed with backpackers hasn’t worked wonders for them in the past.

But lend us your ears and eyes and let us introduce you to a series of pics so enticing you’ll be booking your trip to The Clink, Wombats or Generator in a heartbeat.

Ain’t nobody got time for ritzy toffee-nosed places where room service will cost you a week’s wage. You’ve got museum entrances to pay for, skydives over some amazing Alps and worthwhile souvenirs to buy.

Get cracking!

1. Generator – Paris

Look at this speakeasy. LOOK AT IT!


Generator is in the heart of Paris with plenty of Parisian charm and lots of stylish, sleek rooms.

AND with a view this good from the rooftop bar, you’ll never want to leave.

Generator view

2. The Clink – Amsterdam

There’s The Clink in Amsterdam, who make sure you’re entertained like the kitted out hosts they are. Around a pool table is always an easy way to meet new travel mates. Also – don’t miss out on all the poffertje deliciousness after your game.

The Clink 2

And there’s a nice place to eat them and ponder the day ahead. Head to the red light district? Eat chips in a cone? Ride a bike into a canal by accident? Here’s where you think about all that.


3. Wombats – Budapest, London and Berlin

Right in the middle of Pest, Wombats Budapest is the shell of a Grand Budapest Hotel. It was originally a hotel and was later converted to accommodate low budget travellers.

Look at their funky kitchen.

The London Wombats is smack bang in the middle of vibrant London, with the Thames on one side and views to The Gherkin (bullet shaped glass building) on the other. Aah. Plus, cute hidey holes like this one.

Or an area to socialise/tell your mates back home how it’s going here. WHILE IN BERLIN.

Berlin Wombats is in the middle of the action and also has a rooftop terrace bar. What more could you want?

Wombats Berlin

4. St. Christopher’s – Paris

Recently voted best hostel in Europe, it’s not hard to see why. Where else have you seen such funky bathrooms? You know, the Rolling Stones kind of themed urinals? Nowhere, that’s where.

St. Chris’s also has an amazing bar called Belushi’s with live music on all the time. Who wouldn’t want a free concert? Try and find anything as social in The Ritz.

5. Plus Camping Roma – Rome

Just look at that pool! Uninterrupted tanning sessions abound. Plus mingling with the other attractive pool occupants, you saucy minxes.

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6. Plus Camping Jolly – Venice

Or THIS pool. Complete with tanning beds. You can basically roll out of your bungalow into the water. Amazing.


7. Schutzenbach camp – Lauterbrunnen, Swiss Alps

With a view of Lauterbrunnen Valley and cute AF cabins with homecooked meals and lots of mateships formed, what OTHER way is there to stay in the Swiss Alps? I ask you.

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