Skiers and snowboarders across the globe will know that the slopes attract certain ‘types’ of people. From beginners to seasoned pros, the mountains are THE place for people watching.

Safe to say, it wouldn’t be an #authentic experience without an encounter with one of these guys…

1. The “All about Aprés”.


All about Apres

Cue après-ski, Banff style. The ‘All About Après’ can be found downing Jäger for breakfast, vin chaud for lunch, and another shot of Jäger before dinner. Is it even Aprés if you’re not wearing your ski boots?

Location: Banff, Canada.

2. The “Adrenaline Junkie”.

New Zealand

Do not, we repeat DO NOT get in the way of the ‘Adrenaline Junkies’. Quick on the move, off-piste or black-slopes-only and armed with a backpack full of emergency supplies, these guys are here to shred through some serious snow. There’s one word to describe the sights you’ll see in New Zealand: dramatic. And the Adrenaline Junkies are no exception to this rule.

Location: Queenstown, New Zealand.

3. The “Mountain Virgin”.


The first time skier (we’ve all been there!) is often found on  a green slope, covered in snow and twisted like a pretzel – but with a happy smile. Remember the first time you saw snow? Exactly. Mass. Excitement. TOP TIP: For the Mountain Virgins, find your powder pal – because its waaay more fun tumbling down the slopes with your newfound ski-buddies. 

Location: KirchdorfAustria.

4. The “Snow Bunny”.

Topdeck Ski

Skiing holiday in Alps

No, no. We’re not talking about those snow bunnies. We’re talking the warm and fuzzy, cute designer gal hopping around the slopes. Great gear, novelty ear-muffs (for Snapchat, obvs!), the ‘Snow Bunny’ LOVES an Irish coffee and basking in the mountain sunshine. Let’s just say skiing is NOT the number one priority. For all the snow feels of the designer kind, you know where to go.

Location: KirchdorfAustria.

5. The “Snow Park Show Off”.


You know that guy. The one we all look at. The one who can do ALL the tricks. Does that make us jealous? Maybe a little bit. These guys are impossible to miss, kind of annoying – but also the person we all want to be. With the ability to hit the slopes running, these guys are awesome AF.

Location: Hakuba, Japan.

6. The “Skeeno”.

Topdeck Ski

Here, we have your super-keen and hyper-enthusiastic ‘Skeeno’. Think: the rise and shine, first on the mountain kinda skier/snowboarder. Oh, and they’ll likely have a backpack full of snacks to refuel on the slopes. Nothing wrong with being extra prepared, right?

Location: Lake Tahoe, United States of America.

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