There’s no question travel podcasts have completely taken off over the last couple of years. Covering everything from how-to guides, thought-provoking perspectives and inspirational stories, you’ve got a sh*t load of material to choose from. But, like online dating, sometimes too much choice can be overwhelming (and full of weirdos). So, here’s a few of our fave travel podcasts to help get you started. You can thank us later.  

Best for…everything travel 

Flight of Fancy recommended by Topdeck HQ Claire  

Whether you’re a travelling veteran looking for some destination inspo or a first-time adventurer wanting some practical tips of where to start – or you just need some new material to drown out Kevin at the office – Flight of Fancy is a great all-rounder podcast. Hosted by Ben Groundwater, a former Topdeck on-road chef, it’s fun, funny and wise.  

Average episode: 30 mins 

Best for…funny travel stories  

Comes With Baggage recommended by Customer Service Consultant Nick

What’s it like to quit your job and travel the world? Is it better to travel with friends or ditch em’ and go on your own? How do you translate ‘condoms’ in other languages? A hilarious podcast hosted by Kaitlyn Burke and Chris Walker-Bush, Comes With Baggage is filled with funny and relatable travel stories. Combine that with useful tips from people who love to travel – but aren’t paid to do it, and you’ve got yourself an entertaining listen. 

Average episode: 60 mins 

Best for…female travel inspo 

Women On The Road recommended by Topdeck HQ Erin 

Curious about life on the road from the feminine perspective, Erin fell across this podcast whilst planning her own solo campervan adventure. Hosted by Laura Hughes, as well as an array of inspiring female travellers, this podcast showcases honest experiences of life on the road – from women who’ve lived them first hand.  

Average episode? 45 mins 

Best for…history buffs 

You’re Dead To Me recommended by Trip Leader Nellie  

Whether you absolutely geek out over stories from the past or your insanely dull history teacher has left you despising the subject, You’re Dead To Me is 100% worth a listen. Hosted by the research guy behind Horrible Histories, Greg Jenner brings together the best names in comedy and history for some hilarious chats about the past. It’s interesting, fun and easy to digest on your daily commute to work.  

Average episode? 45 mins 

Best for… travel hacks 

What the Pho recommended by Topdeck HQ Lorna 

Focussing on one country every month, What the Pho hosts Amy and Nick deliver an entertaining and inspiring listen about their travels around the world. A radio-style travel podcast filled with language lessons, interesting facts, travel hacks and topical issues, this one’s a bit of fun without all the “everything’s wonderful” fluff. If you’re wanting an honest review of a destination, plug in here.  

Average episode? 60 to 90 mins 

Your favourite travel podcast didn’t make the list? Share it with us in the comments below!  

Erin Bunn
Originally from country Western Australia, Erin has a serious travel addiction. A lover of fitness, the great outdoors and brunch, Erin’s favourite question is “where to next?”