What better way to remember your travels than by creating a jaw-dropping travel video? Check out our 5 tips on how to create an awesome AF travel video.

1. Have an idea before you hit the road

Making a travel video is basically like making a mini movie. So, a bit of planning before your trip will help you decide what you want to film and how.

You don’t have to create a storyboard! But going in knowing what you want in your video and the vibe you’re going for will help you nail those shots.

2. Choose your equipment wisely

Quality is super important in making sure your video looks awesome. No one likes looking at a blurry shot of the Eiffel Tower or a shaky video of the Grand Canyon. So picking the right equipment is vital. 

A DSLR camera or GoPro are the most obvious options to capture great footage. But, mobile phones have come a long way and if you’re on a budget, shooting in HD with your smartphone can work equally well. Just make sure you’re steady with your hands!

3. Get personal

Travel videos of scenery look amazing when done well. But, if you’re not in the shots some of the excitement can be lost. 

So, put yourself in the video. Include shots of you being in the moment. Whether it’s a selfie or someone filming you doing something epic, adding that personal touch really helps to give your video added wow factor.

Don’t forget: before capturing your footage, make sure your eyes take it in first and really appreciate what’s going on around you. These are the memories of your visit that you’ll remember when your video is finished.

4. Get creative

One way to make your video stand out is to do something different. So, get creative! Shoot from different angles, have an overarching theme, use your camera in unique ways.

Creativity also applies to the way you edit your travel video. Fast cutting of clips mixed with slow motion and different transitions can make your video look wicked. 

5. Finally, choose some epic music

The video’s soundtrack is super important. It sets the tone of the video, can be used to structure editing and can compliment certain shots. For example, upbeat songs are perfect for videos with a string of short clips.

Top tip: avoid cliché songs! Think outside of the super-popular music and find something you believe suits your trip. Maybe even incorporate your trip song if that feels right. 

What are you waiting for? Get out there and smash out an awesome AF travel video.

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Sean Hardeman
Sean is a sport, film and doggo loving traveller that spends way too much time on social media looking at places he wants to travel to next.