1. See the Great Barrier Reef from above

There is something magical about seeing one of the seven wonders of the world from high in the sky. You can catch a glimpse of the reef as you fly in to Cairns or Airlie Beach, or take a specific scenic flight to see the world’s largest coral reef in it’s full glory.

1. See the Great Barrier Reef from Above

2. See the Great Barrier Reef from below

Once you’ve seen it from above, it’s time to explore this natural wonder from underneath the surface! Scuba diving or snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef allows you to explore a magical underwater world of colourful coral and abundant marine life like you’ve never seen it before. If you’re lucky, you might even get a selfie with a turtle.


3. Spend overnight sailing in the Whitsundays

This isn’t one of the best places in the world to set sail for no reason! With 74 islands to explore, you won’t be able to get over how beautiful this place is. Also, the opportunity to sleep on a boat under stars… How can you say no?

3. Spend the night sailing the Whitsundays

4. Soak up the sun on Whitehaven beach

Home to the whitest, purest, finest sand you’ll ever encounter. Made up of 98% pure silica, Whitehaven is one of the only beaches in the world where it is actually illegal to remove the sand. It’s not just the sacred sand that has everyone flocking.. Prepare yourself to be blown-away by the untouched beauty of this place while you’re at it!

4. Soak up sun Whitehaven

5. Indulge in a stay at one of the Whitsunday Island Resorts

If eating from never-ending buffets, drinking cocktails from swim-up bars, lounging on pristine beaches and taking part in an endless list of watersports sound like your cup of tea, you’ve got to treat yourself to a night (or five) at one of the premier Island resorts in the Whitsundays.

5. Stay on Whitsundays Island

6. Get to know the Aboriginal culture of Australia

Becoming familiar with the indigenous history of the country is a key part of getting to know Australia. Learn about the dreamtime, dot painting, traditional dancing and the playing of the didgeridoo to gain an understanding of the Aboriginal culture in Australia. Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park in Cairns is just one of the many places you can go to have an Indigenous tourism experience.

6. Learn about the Aboriginal culture

7. Experience what life is like in the country

The east coast of Australia isn’t ALL beaches and palm trees. Go inland a little, and you’ll find that life moves at a slightly different pace out in the country. From horse-back riding, dirt-biking and whip-cracking to home-cooked meals and bonfires beneath the stars, a farm stay is the perfect way to experience a little bit of Australian country life.

7. Experience country life

8. Go stand-up paddleboarding on Lake Mackenzie

You can hardly find a body of water these days that hasn’t been invaded by a flock of stand-up paddleboarders. The pristine, crystal clear waters of Lake Mackenzie at Fraser Island might be one of the most beautiful places to paddle over and impress everyone with your balancing skills while you’re at it.

8. Go stand-up paddleboarding on Lake Mackenzie

9. Take a scenic flight over Fraser Island

Fraser Island is the world’s largest sand island, and there is no better way to appreciate its magnitude than flying high up into the sky and seeing it from above. Just wait till you see 75 mile beach. 75 miles of pure, unadulterated beachy bliss.

9. Take a scenic flight over the coastline

10. Float down the Eli Creek River

No better way to relax and unwind than grabbing an inner tube and spend the afternoon floating down the picturesque Eli Creek.


11. Bask in the sunshine of Surfers Paradise

A well-known favourite among the tourists, Surfer Paradise will provide you with the sunshine, an endless expanse of golden sand and a vast array of ice cream vendors to fulfill all your sunbaking needs.

11. Bask in the sunshine of Surfers Paradise

12. Take photos of the Natural Bridge

An absolute must-see in Springbrook National Park, Natural Bridge is a favourite photo spot amongst the masses. This unique rock formation was formed by the force of the waterfall eroding through a basalt cave. That’s not all… Come nighttime and you can see the cave light up with its resident glow-worms!

12. Take photos Natural Arch

13. Visit the most Easterly Point in Australia

Head to the Cape Byron Lighthouse and not only will you get to say you’ve stood at the most easterly point in Australia, you’ll also get a smashing view over those stunning Byron beaches.

13. Visit the light house in Byron, the most Easterly point of Australia

14. Witness a Byron Bay sunset

There is something a little magical about Byron Bay at last light. Main beach comes alive as the guitar melodies of nearby street performers float through the air and the sky turns a million different magical colours over the silhouetted mountains and crashing waves.

14. Witness a Byron Bay sunset

15. Have a classic Aussie pub feed

You can’t say you’ve been to Australia till you’ve had a meat pie and a pint from a pub- it’s a bloody good feed!

15. Eat a classic Aussie meal of a meat pie and a pint

16. Take a selfie with the Big Banana

Australia does have an obsession with taking regular inanimate objects and making them into really large inanimate objects. The Big Banana was Australia’s original ‘big thing’, and has now turned into a complex featuring laser tag, ice-skating, mini golf, theatre, toboggan ride and water park. Not a bad way to capitalize on a oversized model of a banana.

16. Take a selfie with the Big Banana

17. Go to Surf Camp and ride some waves

Australia’s East Coast has some of the best beaches in the world, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to do as the locals do and hit the surf! You’ll riding waves with Kelly Slater before you know.

17. Go to surf camp

18. Go Wine Tasting in the Hunter Valley

Home to over 100 vineyards, you certainly won’t run out of places to sample the finest wine the Hunter Valley has to offer.

18. Go wine tasting in Hunter Valley

19. Explore the stunning scenery of the Blue Mountains

For all you nature-lovers, this place is bushwalking paradise! You can check out the famous Three Sisters rock formation, go underground and see the Jenolan caves or catch the World’s steepest railway. Yep, another tick off the bucket list.

19. Explore the stunning scenery of the Blue Mountains

20. Sample some of Sydney’s tastiest treats

It’s no secret that Sydney has turned into hipster-central, meaning the cafe scene is absolutely booming! There are plenty of cool establishments to choose from, but don’t miss a visit to instagrammers paradise, the Ground of Alexandria. With an organic garden, multiple cafes, a flower market and a patisserie selection to die for… You haven’t really been to Sydney till you’ve posted a photo from the Grounds.

20. Sample some of the tastiest treats at one of Sydney's many cafes

21. See the Sydney Opera House it its full glory

Vivid Live is a festival that runs in Sydney every year around the end of May that truly lights up the city! The Opera House is just one of the many buildings that comes alive with lighting projections, and is truly a sight to behold.

21. See Sydney Opera House in its full glory

22. Watch the sun set over the Sydney skyline

Ah, that famous Sydney skyline. There is nothing quite like watching the sunset over the harbour bridge. Head over to Darling Point for the best views over the city during golden hour.

22. Watch the sun set over the Sydney skyline

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