Wanderlust is a thing. It’s a German thing…but English speaking people stole it.

Not only is it a great word that describes a feeling of “what else is out there?”, it’s also addictive. We have all been in the grips of its fantastic feelings of euphoria, excitement and bonus travel miles.

But sometimes you need to escape the beast that is wanderlust and if you are looking for a cure, then let me introduce Buda and her sister Pest.

Here are 19 reasons why Budapest laughs at your wanderlust and smacks it out of your head. This is the “cold turkey” of rehabilitating.

1. The Rivers are better

Pic 1

Cruising along the Danube, you can rest easy knowing everyone who isn’t right beside you is insanely jealous.

2. Sooooo much better

Pic 2

Seriously, there are no unsexy parts of this river.

3. Gelato is better


Tell us where you’re going to find better gelato than that? Seriously, tell us. If a place exists we want to know about it.

4. Bridges are better

Like putting a couture dress on a supermodel…the Green Bridge covers the Danube nicely.

5. Statues are better

Seriously, this is the Scarface of statues.

6. Memorials are better

Needless to say, this is insanely beautiful.

7. Seriously, the statues

Yeah, they like their statues in Budapest.

8. New York Cafes are better

Yeah, this is how people with roman numerals after their surname have coffee.

9. Yellow Trams are better

Like bananas but much more logistically friendly.

10. The slang is better


11. The statues though…

Never too many statues.

12. For real

These statues even have pets.

13. Markets are better

Not the “Good Market Hall”. Nope. The GREAT Market Hall.

14. Basilicas are better

St Stephen must have been a good guy.

15. Street Art is better

Are you getting it yet?

16. Airplane Races are better


17. The Moon is better

How can you leave this place?

18. The Sun is better

You will never leave.

19. The Parliament is better


Ben is an international man of mystery. Born in Wales, raised in Canada and now living on the east coast of Australia. He married an Aussie girl and now stuck in a sub-tropical paradise. He loves movies, basketball and most of all, travelling the world.