FYI: winter in Europe is an absolute must. We’re talking awesome AF winter jackets, festive feels and SNOW… need we say more?

Take note of these photos that prove winter in Europe beats summer in Europe. Every. Single. Time.

1. Mulled wine, Everywhere. 

Gluhwein Topdeck Travel Europe

The staple item of any winter diet across Europe. Obviously.

2. Moscow, Russia.

Russia Moscow Topdeck Travel

In winter, Russia transforms into a magical fairyland of colourful buildings adorned with awe-inspiring domes. Yes, we love Russia in summer, but we love it even MORE in winter.

3. London, England.

Winter Wonderland Topdeck Travel

Put your hands up if you’re a Winter Wonderland fan? Entertaining Londoners for the last ten years, Hyde Park transforms into an a Christmas-mecca for adults. Always, always say YES to Winter Wonderland.

4. Swiss Alps, Switzerland. 

For an authentic winter experience, head to the Alps and storm through the snowcapped mountains.

5. Fondue, Everywhere. 

fonue swiss alps topdeck travel

If fondue for breakfast, lunch and dinner is your thing, ’tis the season to go overboard with the ultimate cheese dish.

6. Edinburgh, Scotland.

Edinburgh Topdeck Travel Blog

Anyone for Hogmanay in Edinburgh? Note: only one of THE BEST ways to spend New Years Eve.

7. Austrian Alps, Austria.

Skiing holiday in Alps

For the snow-fiends out there, it wouldn’t be winter without a session on the slopes.

8. Reykjavik, Iceland.

We’ll just leave this here…

9. Krakow, Poland.


Because a stroll through the park becomes 100 x more romantic when covered in snow.

10. Stockholm, Sweden.

Stockholm Winter Topdeck Travel

Swedish meatballs, mashed potato on hotdogs (yes, ON the actual hotdog) combined with the old town in Stockholm  = EVERYTHING!

11. Tallin, Estonia.

Tallin Estonia Topdeck travel

A hidden gem sandwiched between uber-cool Finland and the oh-so-pretty Russia, Estonia comes alive in winter. Go all medieval in Tallin and spot spires galore for an #authentic winter experience.

12. Rome, Italy.

Rome Snow Topdeck Winter

Admittedly, this kind of snow may not be a frequent occurrence in Rome, but we can guarantee the chilled out vibes (ha, geddit?) will make you question why you would ever bother battling the summer crowds when you can have the Colosseum (almost) to yourself. Awesome, right?

13. London, England.

London Winter Cold

Oh, London. We’ll always love you rain, hail or snow. Actually, preferably with snow.

14. Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Amsterdam Topdeck Travel

Like everywhere else in Europe, something about snow-covered bridges/bikes/buildings/everything leaves us with all the feels. 

15. Brugge, Belgium.


Chocolates, Belgium beer, waffles and endless amounts of fries are WAY more enjoyable in the middle of winter while surrounded by snow.

16. Paris, France.

Paris Topdeck Winter Snow

Roll through Paris and say bonjour to the City of Lights in all of its glittering glory.

17. Prague, Czech Republic.


Soak up ALL the Czech history you can handle, and be sure to take a moment and enjoy the local beer.

18. Budapest, Hungary.

Budpest Winter Topdeck Travel

Soak all your troubles away in Budapest’s Gellert Baths, then feast on goulash until you can goulash-no-more.

Grab your warm clothes, layer up and head here for a winter adventure in Europe.

Gemma Music
Gemma is a travel lover based in Toronto. When she’s not patting the nearest pup or trying the latest insta-food trend, you can find her with her passport clutched firmly in hand, ready for the next adventure.