We’ve all got that friend who’ll make a tonne of excuses for not packing their bags and jetting off on an adventure. They’ll say they want to wait until they have more money, until they’ve bought a house or land the perfect job. Check out our list of reasons that will help you convince them to book that one-way ticket to a far-flung destination, and prove why you should travel when you’re young.


There are epic experiences reserved for the young, wild and free. Have you been clubbing at Berghain in Berlin, sailing around Croatia during Yacht Week or jumped the flaming skipping rope at Thailand’s Full Moon Party? Go on, we dare you.

2. You’ll break down boundaries

Your body is in its prime; you’re fit, strong and up for any challenge. It’s your time to dive in with reckless abandon. Swim with sharks in Cape Town, hike the Himalayas, bungy jump in Queenstown, go white water rafting along the Zambezi and run with the bulls in Pamplona.

3. Travel is the best form of education

We’ve all dozed off during a particularly dull history class, but when you visit Rome’s Colosseum, the Acropolis in Athens or the pyramids of Egypt, suddenly a boring tutorial isn’t about some faraway land but about a place you actually visited last summer.

4. You’ll feast on foreign flavours

Lets face it, your metabolism is never going to be as fast as it is now. This is the time to indulge in foreign food. Enjoy Parisian pastries, pizza in Naples and top-notch fries in Amsterdam. Order off the secret menu at In-N-Out Burger in LA or tuck in to a pad thai from a street vendor in Bangkok.

5. Because what happens on tour… 

Your friends just ‘get you’, so who better to embark on an adventure with than your best bud? It’s the ultimate time to travel with your friends before ‘adulting’ gets in the way.

6. You might find romance on the road

We all know that Before Sunrise / Before Sunset are just films, but holiday romance is an actual thing. Perhaps especially if you travel when you’re young. Being from somewhere different, or having a foreign accent, instantly makes you more attractive and interesting.

On the flip side, when you get back home you can impress your date with tales of your overseas escapades. Hey, you could even choose a Tinder profile pic of you crouching with a tiger (Just joking, please do not do that).

7. Because hip hostels are cheap as chips

Who wants to waste their hard earned cash on fancy hotels when you can find a hostel for less than $20 per night? These days, trendy hostels are located in some of the hippest neighbourhoods. They boast cutting-edge design, gourmet food, craft cocktails and complimentary bicycles.

8. Your Instagram is going to rack up the likes

Sunset photos of Santorini, gelato on the Amalfi Coast, glamping in New Zealand or a snap of Iceland’s Northern Lights. Yep, before you know it you’ll be ‘Insta-famous’ and can give up your day job to get paid to travel. Talk about #goals.

9. Because it could be life changing

You’ve visited New York for the first time and fallen in love with city? That brief encounter might alter the course of your entire life. Before you know, it you’ve applied for a visa and are working as a barista in Brooklyn.

10. You can help protect the planet

Once you’ve been close up to the polar bears in the Arctic, swam in the emerald waters of Halong Bay or canoed along the Amazon River – your world has become so much bigger.

11. You’ll make life-long friends all over the world

Before you travel you had a tight-nit group of mates who probably grew up on your block. After globetrotting, you will have new friends all over the world. What’s even better? On your next adventure you’ll have plenty of couches to crash on. What a great reason to travel when you’re young!

12. You’ll be able to brag while watching cult TV series

Interrupt the latest episode of Game of Thrones to tell your flatmates that you’ve been to King’s Landing and that it’s actually in Dubrovnik.

13. Because it looks good on your resume

Whether it’s a semester abroad learning a new language, volunteering in a third-world country or even just showing initiative by travelling solo – companies look favourably on those special skills developed through international experience. Maybe just leave out that ‘hilarious story’ about that time at Oktoberfest

14. You’ll make memories that’ll last a lifetime

Travelling will create a lifetime of memories that you’ll look back on with a smile. You’ll always remember all the crazy, amazing things you did. What better reason to convince you to go travel when you’re young?

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Eddie Hart is a Sydney-based travel blogger, writer and photographer who feels most at home living out of a suitcase. Eddie’s wanderlust has seen her travelling to 40+ different countries and residing in London, Paris, Berlin and New York over the years.