Seriously, don’t even waste your time going overseas. You really won’t enjoy it.

1. Why would you bother sampling scrumptious dishes all over the world, when you can probably find the same “authentic” cuisine at your local takeaway store?

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2. As if you would want to experience the excitement of bartering at bustling market places and buying handmade knickknacks from roadside vendors when you could just go to a shopping mall.

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3. Driving a car every day to work is WAY more exciting than all the cool modes of transport you’d get to experience when travelling. Why would you want to waste your time sailing through the Mediterranean on a boat or riding a camel through the desert?

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4. You pass by buildings in your hometown every single day, as if you’d travel halfway across the world just to see some ridiculously beautiful architecture.

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5. As if you would want to fill your Instagram with photos of you drinking champagne under the Eiffel Tower or standing in the middle of Times Square? A photo of your morning coffee cup or a selfie at the bus stop will do fine, thanks.

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6. It would be ludicrous to waste your money on once-in-a-lifetime experiences like skydiving over the Swiss Alps or a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon. Save your money for a new pair of shoes or a few overpriced brunches out instead!

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7. You can read about ancient history in a book. Why bother actually going to historical sites and seeing the history come alive in front of your eyes?

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8. Come on, why would you want to make friends with fascinating travellers and locals from all over the world? You’ve already got friends.

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9. There really can’t be that much overseas that you haven’t already seen before. Surely the landscapes aren’t THAT spectacular.

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10. Travelling overseas might expand your worldview, take you on wild adventures, make you new friends, allow you to try things you’ve never done before, but who wants those things anyway? Instead of booking a plane ticket, book yourself a seat on the couch and just Google photos of all the places you think you want to visit. It will be far more fulfilling.

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Nicola Easterby
Nicola Easterby is the avid photographer, writer and adventurer behind the travel blog Polkadot Passport. Having travelled to over 25 countries in her 21 years of life, she aims to inspire other young adventurous souls to go and see the world.