In the spirit of Pride and love, Topdecker Renee shares her story of falling in love while adventuring in Europe. This is her #MyTravelLoveStory.

Taking my first group trip

Before travelling with Topdeck, I’d been to over thirty different countries but had always wanted to try group travel. I thought it would be a lot of fun and I found that to be very true – especially when you meet someone who very quickly becomes your best friend.

I met my girlfriend on the Topdeck Winter Spree. On the second day of the trip I sat next to her on the coach for our drive to Budapest. The drive went by so quickly and I knew that this trip was already going to be one of my favourites because of her.

My best memories were with her

My favorite memories on the trip with her include dancing in the ruin bars in Budapest, sitting in cozy cafes with hot chocolates, non-stop laughing on the river cruise in Amsterdam, bonding over our love of mushroom pizzas and watching Ted Bundy together on the drive days. Travelling together allowed us to build so many once-in-a-lifetime memories.

My perfect match

We didn’t express how we felt about each other until after the trip ended and things just went from there. The other day we were listening to the song ‘Friends’ by Ed Sheeran… let’s just say the lyrics represent perfectly how we felt about each other on the trip, but never admitted until after. I’ve never been more comfortable with anyone else. She always makes me laugh, she challenges me to see things from new perspectives and she somehow doesn’t mind my endless rambles, clumsiness, or the overexcitement I had for finding falafel kebabs around Europe.

Making our long distance relationship work

Living in different cities, we have found creative ways to stay connected. We write letters to each other and call most days. No one knows me like she does, I would say I’m the cheesy romantic one but she secretly is too – when she knew I was having a hard week, I came home to a surprise flower delivery with the cutest letter!

What’s next? We would love to explore Portugal and Japan together!

From a fellow Topdecker, this is #MyTravelLoveStory, I’d love to hear yours.

Renee Sundgren
A Social Media Manager living in Sydney. This 23-year-old kiwi is an avid traveller – 39 countries and counting!