Today we’re going loco for Cinco de Mayo  

Not heard of it? No drama, that’s where we come in. 

Cinco de Mayo is an annual celebration in our beloved Mexico (pronounced Meh-hee-co). This date marks the anniversary of Mexico’s victory over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla in 1862, and celebrations include parades, battle recreations and other fiesta-style festivities.  

Sooo today we’re getting involved by giving you ALL THE BEST BITS of Mexico for some spec-taco-lar tips. 

So what’s worth doing in the land of margaritas, fajitas and señoritas? 

1. Holbox bioluminescence   

Big word coming up here… Bioluminescence. Meaning a magggical light show where you can experience the ocean quite literally sparkling. Kinda like fireflies but for the sea. The PROPER term for it is – “the production and emission of light by a living organism” – *Somewhere on Google*. But we’ll stick with sparkling seawater for now. 

Nightly bioluminescence caused by phytoplankton (microscopic organisms that light up) has become a BIG reason people visit the laid-back island of Isla Holbox. We love a bit of Isla Holbox on our burrito-filled Delve Deep: Mexico trip. Srsly though, bioluminescent beaches are the future. Get around it. 

2. Chichén Itzá ruins 

New Wonder of the World? Yes pls. You might have seen pics of this grammable spot online and thought that bigggg pyramid was it. But these ancient ruins are SO much more than that. Within this iconic complex of ancient Mayan ruins, you’ll find: 

  • The Temple of Kukulkan
  • The Platform of the Skulls
  • The Plaza of a Thousand Columns
  • The Sacred Cenote

Seriously good stuff. Why head to just Cancun or Tulum when you could be checking out even MORE mind-blowing Mexican history? 

P.S. Don’t forget to clap when you’re there as many Chichén Itzá sites are known for their unusual sounds. Clap near one ancient wonder and you’ll hear a bird’s chirp. Another, a snake’s hiss. Freaky sh*t. 

3. Exploring cenotes

Ok it’s legit like being in English class today. BUT have you heard of a cenote? Umm… if you haven’t, get it on your bucket list ASAP. Mexico is a MUST for exploring cenotes – basics natural sinkholes filled with freshwater that have opened up below the earth’s surface… 

So yh pretty similar to bioluminescence – just Mother Nature flicking her wand and giving us all of Earth’s natural goodness. There are heapssss of cenotes throughout Mexico. On our Mexican adventure we float gracefully (read: doggy paddle) in the sparkling turquoise water at Cenote San Ignacio before an included traditional Yucatán lunch…  

Floating in a cenote > floating anywhere else 

4. Eating authentic Mexican food 

You into Mexican food? Tacos? Quesadillas? Tostadas? Enchiladas?  

BUT what about all the other stuff? Here’s our guide to some authentic Mexican eats: 

  1. Chilaquiles – popular brekkie dish ft. corn tortillas cut into quarters full of eggs, pulled chicken, cheese, cream and refried beans 
  1. Chiles en nogada – green chillies known for being one of Mexico’s most patriotic dishes and representing the colours of the Mexican flag 
  1. Mole – this rich sauce is v popular and an OG version is mole poblano. Whoever says they don’t like mole sauce has *guac* to be kiddin 
  1. Frijoles charros – lit translates to ‘cowboy beans’ and consists of pinto beans with onion, garlic and bacon 
  1. Huevos rancheros (ranch eggs)this typical brekkie dish features corn tortillas and fried eggs topped with PLENTY of warmed salsa 

Ok we’re gonna leave it here as we’re getting peckish *heads to local Mexican*. If you don’t enjoy eating tacos, we warn you that we’re *nacho* type. 

Happy Cinco de Mayo – why not celebrate today in Mexican style with a burrito, or better yet a shot of tequila? It’s deffo an ‘I wanna move to Mexico and live off tacos and margaritas’ kinda day… 

 Adios amigos! 

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